The Quest is a classic story archetype based on the Christopher Booker’s Seven Basic Plots , often involving a hero on a journey to achieve a goal. Here is a writing exercise that is inspired by The Quest archetype. It focuses on one key moment or decision within the larger quest. Imagine this would be the last and biggest challenge the hero has to overcome. If they fail, all will be lost forever…

Writing Exercise

As the hesitant, reluctant or any other way unlikely hero ventures deeper into the unknown, they encounter a pivotal moment where they must decide whether to confront their deepest fears or turn back. Explore the internal conflict (thoughts) and external pressures that shape this critical decision.

The internal conflict are his thoughts and the external pressure are actual things happening that add time pressure and physical danger for our hero. What consequences does it carry for the world they are destined to save?

In order to do this you first have to know what the underlying reason is that the hero is hesitant or reluctant. What is their greatest fear? To develop your hero’s character you can use exercises like The Proust Questionnaire or Blast From The Past & Back To The Future.

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